Pet Portrait Photography Day – 2014 Highlights

Pet Portrait Photography Day – 2014 Highlights

Some of our Tadcaster studio’s pet portrait photography day highlights from this years series of shoots. We had lots of fun, used lots of gravy bones and took loads of photographs of which the gallery below is only a small example. Keep your eyes out for more highlights appearing in our pet portrait photography gallery.. We run pet portrait days on an annual basis and always make sure that you have a fun and stress free time photographing your pet. We aim to do something different with the images we produce in our studio which makes us stand out from the crowd and for your photographs to be of the most creative and unique standard to impress your friends. Feel free to contact us for further information on our pet portrait sessions.

You may also recognise two of the pets who revisited us again. Archie and Tommy returned for the day in there smart tuxedo jackets hand-made by Kim at The Smart Dog Company who offer a bespoke coat service for whippets and similar size dogs.

Keep checking our website for further pet photography days as well as other special offers such as our Baby and Toddler day which is running on the 20th of June.

We have photographed a large variety of pets in the studio including dogs, hamsters, cats, goldfish, rabbits, guinea pigs and stick insects right through to iguana’s. Whether you want a portrait of your family pet on its own or would like a full series of photographs including the children or just you we have photographed it all. Whatever the pet they are part of your family life and we aim to treat them this way. Take a look our for some amazing examples of how we can help make your family member look fantastic.


Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits through to Iguana’s, we have photographed them all at our studio in Tadcaster. There is no extra charge for photographing your pet, so why not include them in your next family photoshoot.

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